Friday, November 23, 2018

November 2018

Barbara's flamingo was born out of some hot pink lace she found containing 3-D roses.  If you look closely you can see the dimension in the bird that creates its fabulous body!
 Last Tuesday Judy presented a Trunk Show of her quilted fiber art pieces to the Remember Me Guild.  This was a photograph she manipulated in Photoshop and added color to it.  It is heavily thread painted.

She had another piece with her today but obviously I failed to photograph it.  Sorry Judy.

You can add it in if you like!

We have watched Yvonne's Bear piece come together over the last few meetings.  She used a technique similar to collage putting tiny black pieces on the base to form the dimensional bear.  Her quilted background is her brother's art studio Bear Paw Studios in the background.  This will be presented to him for Christmas!

I can't remember if Yvonne has titled this amazing house and tree.  It is beautifully appliqued to the multicolor background.  Habitat For Humanity will take these small quilts and present each new homeowner with one for their new home.

The requirements were that the work have a house on it and be 14 x 14 exactly.

If I could I would have stolen it!

Bebe was working on a challenge from another group:  A Still Live.  She created a drawing base and used water color crayons to create her colors.  She deepens the colors by adding layers upon the lighter colors that have dried.

She has an eye for her subject and used color cards to find the colors that would bring her roses to the forefront.

Glen showed her piece from a class by Tracy Gallagher put on by Sassi Strippers Guild.  Tracy is an accomplished collage maker and has taught several classes in the area.

She is also a member of our Fiber Group!

the Fleur de Lis is still a work in progress, but it is shaping up nicely.  The technique is adaptable to a number of styles and platforms for fiber artists.

Glen also had a class project from Sassi Strippers member Merline Lewis.  She taught Flower Arranging in Fabric using real petals from real flowers adhered to a background fabric using misty fuse.

Glen is completing the work using free motion stitching throughout.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Reflections - July 2015

BeBe's Dragonfly.  Wings are thread sketched.  So beautiful
Bebe drew the little Japanese Temple.  She printed the reflection using a unique technique!

These are Judy's pieces.  She manipulated photographs and printed with gelli plates. Her work is always amazing.

The next ones belong to Mary.  Mary does a lot of hand dyes and screen printing.  This time she used some de-colorant on her hand dyes. 

Here are some of Mary's screen prints .  She also adds poetry to some of her pieces.  

 This incredible pieces is Michael's entry into one of  the early Quilt The Swamp shows he curates.

The show pieces were all backlit and the moon is translucent.

Wendy took a different approach to the reflections theme.

She took a photo of a cord and reflected it using PhotoShop.

I  need to take that course for sure.

 She created waxed fabrics and put them on a canvas.

And she cut  up a watercolor piece and reassembled it into a dynamic and interesting work.

glen's pieces

My Reflections piece was done with Shisha Mirrors sewn  onto a radiant sun!

The book was created by using a single piece of fabric with strategic cuts to allow it to fold into pages.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

June 2015 - Furniture

 Bebe printed a garage sale chair on burlap, stamped chickens and farm stencils and gessoed part of the burlap.  She used whipped spackle to add texture to the chair and the flowers.  The flowers are thread painted beautifully to add texture.

She cut up piece and tossed it, but was convinced to dig it out of the trash.  (We've all done that!) It has a lot of potential and will end up being a great piece.

 Judy's furniture was a bird's nest!  She used some pieces from her magic bag of odds and ends to create the collage.  The leaves are skeletons of real leaves.

The piece is mounted on a canvas.

Judy also dug through her box for some other great pieces.  This colorful printed batting piece in an iron on transfer she created.  It was scanned to another fabric and quilted into this figure piece which was coated with molding paste and thread painted

 Judy used this overdyed fabric to wipe off some brushes.

 This is a piece of tyvek that was painted and burned with a heat gun.  Bobbin work was done from the back side.

These small canvases will be donated to an art event.

Mary research in contemporary chairs gave her the pieces she printed on to her hand dyed fabric.  It is quilted with chairs and put on a canvas.  She put sand on the edges to add texture.

Mary also showed a piece she created using Color Magnet and sequin waste.  

Oriental cranes marching along a bargello background belongs to Michael.  He is creating an installation in Sulphur  for August with 6 Oriental pieces. 

Wendy recreated the Name Mandala glen showed several for the Moon Challenge.  Her word is PEACE, can you find it?  She overlaid it on a canvas and created a gallery wrapped piece.

Renee's Park Bench was created from a class about 10 years ago.  It is a wonderful piece that creates shadows in fabric giving the bench a depth seen in photos.

Renee brought in construction paper circles and we practiced making folded flowers.  It was a great way to introduce us to folding fabric into flowers for embellishing quilts.

Renee does a lot of Charity quilts and this is one of the latest set of squares she put  together for Quilts of Valor.